The MMB and UMBAA have long, storied histories.  Over the years, the organization has collected (and published) many of the stories about the group and the people who helped make the MMB what it is today.

The Origins of UMBAA

"Michigan Marching Band," Detroit Free Press Magazine, 1971, by Barry Garelick, MMB 1967

"Something about Pride: The Story of Varsity" by Joseph Dobos 1971 B Mus, 1972 M Mus

"Revelli: The Long Note" by Kim Clarke

Marching Fundamentals and Techniques for the school bandsman by William D. Revelli and George R. Cavendar

"Nicholas Falcone, The Band Director You’ve Probably Never Heard Of" by Joseph Dobos and William Berz

Michigan Band History by Joseph Dobos

You can hear the band at the beginning and end of this World War II propaganda film.

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